Severe Illness

No one plans to be effected by Dreaded Diseases but we are prone to it

Severe Illness

Severe Illness is not something that happens to older people or somebody else, it can happen to anybody, old and young, rich or poor without discrimination.

Why is it so constant in our society?  In our world time is of the essence, food is fast and get prepared faster, our air is not that clean anymore and our fruit and vegetables is fresh due to synthetically. The biggest threat is stress, such a small word but with so much consequences.

There are numerous natural and unnatural causes that could lead to a claim.

Benefits have been specifically designed to provide you and your family with total peace of mind. In the event that you are diagnosed with a sever illness you will often need to make significant financial adjustments to manage your change in lifestyle. There is a risk that you may be diagnosed with a very rare or unknown illness.

This is why they included the Catch-All. If a claim cannot be assessed under any of the other 37 critical illness categories, the PTY will assess it under this category. This allows for a much wider range of claim causes to be covered.

A substantial proportion of claims are for younger lives. Just less than one third of the claims paid were to people under the age of 45.

It really is never too early to start protecting you and your family’s financial future against the unknown.

The four biggest payouts for cancer (55%), heart attacks, and stroke coronary artery disease 91% of the claims on diseases feared going to the four diseases. The other 9% covers 33 other cases.

If you have to choose a product for yourself, it is important to consult with a financial advisor, since there are many different advantages in the market. What suit your needs best? Information is enough, but how it suit my life is a different story.

Payments for severe illnesses differs from Company to company.  It’s important to know what the financial implications will be for me, if one of the diseases happen to me.

Therefore choose your product carefully. Each client must also understand the product and understand what benefits specifically provided for at present.

Trauma Advantages

When you are diagnosed with a serious illness, your quality of life can be reduced significantly, and you are likely to incur considerable additional lifestyle adjustment expenses. Imagine you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This may put severe pressure on your finances as you modify your house to cope with your new condition. What if your chosen specialist did not live in your area, and you needed to pay for airfares and accommodation costs each time you needed to see them? Consider that many critical illnesses may result in you needing to hire a caregiver to look after you temporarily or even permanently. Our Living Lifestyle benefit helps to protect you against these financial risks, and provides you with a cash payout should you suffer one of the specified critical illnesses or trauma events.

What are the chances of it happening?

You may consider yourself a fairly healthy person and believe that your chances of suffering a critical illness are relatively low. However, the most common critical illnesses suffered are cancer and heart attacks, and the chances of suffering one of these before age 70 is higher than you may think. If you became critically ill – what would that do to your finances?

Different companies have different benefits.  There are several illnesses that are covered by severe illness benefits.

Talk to your Financial adviser, to make sure the product and pay outs suits your needs.

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