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The Gauteng government has made significant progress towards improving the lives of people with disabilities through including them in its programmes of development. Over the years, our government remained committed to making Gauteng a better place for people with disabilities through initiatives aimed at:

  • Empowering people with disabilities through skills and employment and support through the social grants system
  • Ensuring that all government services are accessible to people with disabilities
  • Providing equipment such as wheel chairs and hearing aids
  • Protecting and promoting the rights of people with disabilities

We, as a government, remain committed to the attainment of the two percent (2%) target of People with Disabilities employed in the Gauteng government. We are taking proactive steps to ensure that job seekers with disabilities are registered on the database and that this database is used by provincial government departments to improve compliance with Employment Equity targets.

Through the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller, further attention will be given to the promotion of businesses and cooperatives owned by People with Disabilities. Our provincial government’s approach to disability rights is informed and guided by the Integrated National Disability Strategy, the UN International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and relevant national legislation and regulations such as the Employment Equity Act and its Code of Good Practice on the management of disability in the workplace. Working with people with disabilities to create a better life for all in Gauteng, the Executive Council recently adopted a new Disability Rights Policy which supports the right of all people with disabilities to enjoy equal opportunities and to participate fully in the life of the province.

This approach seeks to put into practice the objectives of existing legislative and policy documents and build on the numerous programmes that are initiated by provincial departments and the NGO sector.4 | Disability Rights Policy We recognize the rescriptions of the Bill of Rights (Chapter 2) which specifically prohibits direct and indirect discrimination, by the state or an individual, against anyone on the basis of their disability. By implication, therefore, the denial of any right on the basis of disability constitutes a Constitutional violation of the rights of a person with disability.

Recognising the above, our disability policy is based on the intentions, principles and provisions of the Constitution. This means that the implementation of each stipulation in this Policy is a binding Constitutional obligation of all provincial government departments, its agencies and citizens of the province.

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