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FAQ Section

In this section we answer questions asked on a regular basis. So should you want a question answered please feel free to contact us and we will publish the most relevant questions & answers.

What if Elsa dies and she is my broker?

There is a succession plan in place . My business is evaluated and then placed on the market tobe sold. If it is sold, the new broker will take over the clients and contact each one. If not,my staff, will make contact with each client and suggest a suitable broker to continue the process for them.

What happens to the money in my Retirement Annuity, if I die?

The balance of the RA are inherited to the beneficiaries. No money is lost.

Do I really need a testimonial?

Yes, most definitely even if your assets are not a substantial amount. It is your assets and you need it to be utilized meaningfully. If not you leave more problem that will need to solved by loved ones.

What happens to my life insurance installments when I die before 65 years of age and have not claimed any amounts?

Each month you payed the insurance company a premium to bear the risk for you, that you do not have to bear yourself. So you have the coverage for which you have paid. If you did not have to utilize this cover before the due payout date it stays by the company. They carried the risk and was prepared to cover you. One can’t expect the company to bear the risk and in the end has to pay the premium back. But when you get to 65 years and is blessed to be alive you would be the luckiest person as you have your health. The person who to make a claim is not as lucky as it would be due to a loss of health.

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