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Morningstar performance and market update

What happened in markets SA Equities The ALSI ended August up another 2.6% following on from July’s 7% rally! While gains for the month were fairly broad based, it was especially the Resources sector  (+5.1%) which led the way with decent gains from the...

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Disability Insurance - Is it really necessary?   There is no doubt that your greatest asset is your ability to work and to earn an income.   Suffering from a long-term sickness or injury will prevent you from earning an income, financially crippling you and your loved...

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Die jaar is by die halfpadmerk

Beste Kliënt Dis is verbasend watter groot verskil ’n klein bedraggie wat elke maand afgeknyp word aan jou finansies kan maak. Deur die ekstra bedraggies in jou verband in te betaal, kan jy duisende rande aan rente bespaar. Ons kyk hoe jy die volgende generasie ’n...

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How To Use An Index Fund For Retirement

The great thing about index funds is that they are “set it and forget it” investments. But does that make sense for a retirement plan? Absolutely, and for a number of reasons. First, though, you should understand what an index fund really does. An index fund owns a...

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Rolling the Dice with your Life

18 is the age that many use as a measurement of accountability.  Getting a job, driving a car, and voting are all privileges awarded in becoming an adult.  However, there is little that is taught in the importance of insurance.  It seems that unless young people are...

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Should one compare Life Insurance Quotes?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Depending on the type of coverage you purchase, life insurance policies can be quite costly and choosing the right policy for your needs is essential. Comparing life insurance quotes as well as different policies will...

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