Elsa Pienaar

The last 24 years Elsa Pienaar have operated as an independent Financial Advisory in Bloemfontein. We possess the necessary “NOF level 5″ (RE I and II) qualifications as required by the Financial Services Board. FinTip Financial Services is fully licensed and operate within legislation, for your peace of mind.


All about the principals of Investments, timing and management of Financial Investments.

Pension Funds

Pension funds are an essential part of planning, but needs to be planned.

Risk & Estate Planning

The provision for credit losses is a means for financial institutions to account for expected losses from delinquent and bad debt.

Retirement Planning

Savings is something that needs to be planned well in advance to retirement. The goal of savings will determine what product you may require for proper retirement planning.

We improve people’s lives by helping manage their finances to suite their lifestyle and needs.

Are you saving or investing your money?  You may use our services. We specialize in investment and pension funds.  We also do, risk insurance, retirement planning, business insurance, wills and medical funds.

The last 18 years we have operated an independent brokerage. We do have the necessary “NQF level 5” qualification as required by the Financial Services Board for Financial Advisors. Tip Fin Financial Services is fully licensed and operate within legislation, for your peace of mind.

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Description of services:

1) Long-term strategy for sustainable investments that aim to match you.

2) Ensure that every rand spent for risk coverage (life and disability coverage trauma) and retirement planning, 100% are effectively utilized.

3) Using financial analysis, ensure that your will is workable and do not leave your love one’s with more problems than money.

4) Assist business people’s business assurance sufficient for all contingencies.

5) Create a sound financial environment.

6) Plan a budget and living standards.

7) Create solutions to achieve financial independence.

We use and partner with the following companies:

  1. Discovery Life
  2. Discovery Health
  3. Discovery Invest
  4. Stanlib
  5. PPS Investments
  6. PPS Risiko
  7. Hollard
  8. Ou Mutual
  9. Liberty Life
  10. Allan Gray
  11. BrightRock
Mrs Elsa Pienaar

Mrs Elsa Pienaar

Managing Director

I got a BSc. Degree. I only worked for a year as an employee since University. The remainder of my working life has been for myself. I do like to work with people.

I have been an independent Financial Adviser for the last 24 years, starting doing my beginners course with Old Mutual in 1996. In 1998 I worked at ABSA where I did a lot of intensive training. April 1999 I started my own company named Absolute Pro Makelaars. In 2008 I rebranded my business and changed my name to Fin Tip Financial Services. In 2009 I changed my focus point to investments and pension funds as this is my passion.

It is my vision and mission to teach clients to be financially independent and to maintain their financial independence. I do strive to deliver such a service to my existing clients that they refer me to their friends and family as a credible and trustworthy Financial Services Provider.



Financial Adviser Assistant

I have complete my Diploma in Hospitality Management in 2003 at the Central University of Technology of the Free State. I continued my internship at the Royal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot, United Kingdom and returned to South Africa in 2006.

I started my own events & marketing company and retired from the industry in 2013 due to a great interest in the financial industry. I have since then worked in the financial industry and I am looking at study options to further my knowledge.

I have a great passion for the financial industry and always strive to have customers interest and service at heart.

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Every minute wondering if it’s the right time to plan your financial freedom you have just lost some more money.

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